The Real of Edutechnovation Day.. ^^

…Assalamualaikum and Selamat Sejahtera…

*Have a good day all..! 😉

This will be our last call for this course and for this semester.’s time for study week and preparation for our final exam! Hehehe. Wish us  best of luck! For this “Big Day”, basically it was just the same as previous week, which are we have to present our full video to be evaluated by Dr and tutors/fascilitators, then our cute and simple poster to be displayed on the wall, and also our storyboard!

Ahhaa! For this “Big Day”, we are suprised! Because there were some of our TESL senior attended on the big day! *Such a kind and suppoortive seniors! 🙂 *Love youuuu seniors! * Thank you for coming and join our show day. Hikhikhik.

Actually…the presentation for this Big Day are the same..just like the previous week. *PRE-edutechnovation* (the day that we thought betol2 Edutechnovation Day..huhuhu), just the same..we’ve to present it first! Huuuuuu.. *nervous again* ..But..sooo sad..y??? because…one of Ladies Production Crew which is Nurul Fatihah, can’t join us and absence for this big day. 😦 *sobsobsob*  However..we’re here pray for your health Tehah! 😉  Hehehe.

As the flow of the presentation just the same as last week, everyone have to vote for each group after the presentation. *again….feeling macam dalam AF..kikikiki..* ..but you guys know what?? for our group, there’s “someone” who gave us scale “1”..which means that, our group’s video just “Okay”. Hurmm..and somehow, we felt a little bit sad for that. 😦 But, it’s okay lah! We know that we have done our best as the messages can be delivered to others through our video! 🙂

And…after the presentation finished..Dr Rosseni, all the fascilitators and also our seniors..gave us short comments about or video.. Haaa..! Each group got positive feedback from them.. *Awww..we feel happy for that! 😉 *

Congratulation peeps for your great work!!

Then..time to make a decision..which group  will be the winner (the best video)?? Haaa..everyone “berdebar-debar” .. Hehe..

Jengg! Jengg! Jenggg! Who is the winner? When the result was announced! GG Creation group won the first place for the video project! Congrates the ladies of GGC! We too proud of your great video! Hehe. Haaaa..and we?? Won second runner up place! Haaahh?? *biarr betol??* *shocked* ..because we never expect that we’ll included in the first three places! *Thank you for the reward! * 🙂 Alhamdulillah..All praises to Allah.. Unluckily.. Nurul was not  here to celebrate our group’s successful together. 😦

last 2

*wuuuu..besarnya hamper! Hihi *


*our storyboard..our poster and also..hamper besar milik kami..Hehe.. But..incomplete team members! Hurmm..*

This is our video! Jom Tonton! Hehehe 🙂

The last thing that we have to do.. Haaa..each of us have to record our “ONE MINUTE PITCH”. What’s that?? Anyone? Hurmm.. that video is somehow we will share the reflections in 1++ minutes regarding our video production! So, through the video, we might share our roles in making a video, or anything else related to video production! Actuallly, we are supposed to do that during the Edutechnovation Day. But, we have no enough time to do that during the “Big Day”..soooo..we have to record our “One Minute Pitch” video, and then, post it into our individual blog..

Haa..lets ready to record “One Minute Pitch” video okay!



Re-shooting Time!

Assalamualaikum. Greetings uols!

sya’s in the house XD.

Okay, for this time i would like to share something that we did today for our re-shoot of flashback scene.
So what with today? well well well..let me tell you.

Today, four of us, me, Nurul, Liyana and our special actor Mr Zaki
went out to find a place for video production shooting.
Unfortunately, Aqilah was unable to come along w/ us since
she has got a volunteer program  for flood victim at Kuantan,Pahang.
She went there on Saturday and will be arrived (according to plan) on Sunday night.
First of all, before we went out, of course we did some discussion w/ Dr Rosseni
regarding our scene of what should we improve. From the attire things to the setting of the place.
After we got some ideas of what is she actually hope and want from us, then our journey began.



IMG_9652       IMG_9637

Firstly, we went to Taman Pantun a.k.a Istana Kelantan.
However, it is closed, still, due to an incident of fallen trees few weeks ago.
So, we went to Putrajaya Botanical Garden with a hope that we’ll found a suitable and authentic place for the setting.
Again. Yup.Unfortunately, there’s no such place. (after took about 40min wandered around the place) 😦
Feeling disappointed and tired due to the hot weather, Mr Zaki suggested a place to us.

Finally, we headed to Taman Warisan Pertanian as our final destination.
Alhamdulillah, we managed to find a place after seek a help from a kind aunt.
According to her, (she’s a guard though), there’s a house on the hill
in which she thought will help us to shoot the scene.
So, after a long walk, we found the house in the end.
W/out wasting time, we immediately began to get ready to enter the film set. XD
We were told that the place will be closed at 5.30pm, so we must hurry to shoot it.

IMG_9597  IMG_9612



As time passes, we finally finished shooting for the flashback scene.
Hopefully Dr will accept it this time.
let’s pray for the best.

IMG_9601 IMG_9603 IMG_9617

Go Ladies! ❤

That’s all from me.
till meet again.Take care. 🙂

Edutechnovation Day ><

: : Assalamualaikum..Holla peeps! : :

 Well.. we hope that everyone in a good condition. In Shaa Allah. And say Alhamdulillah 🙂

A very big day for us.. “EDUTECHNOVATION DAY“.. So for the big day, we have to present our full video in the class, after 13 weeks working hard together on it and also we have to present our poster as well.. Ahhaaa! We also have to present our storyboard that we have done a few weeks that others can see it and understand what the video is about. So, Nurul and Sya went to Dr’s room to take our storyboard. As the story line of the video has changed, sooooo..we have to fix our storyboard again. 😦 *arghhh..everyone feels stress + tension + pressure..n bla bla bla..*, we have decided  to finish up our storyboard at Kolej Ungku  Omar (KUO) last, *after everyone berceloteh to release our tension*..we finally completed our storyboard..say Alhamdulillah… 🙂 Hehehe..

*and now..focus for the rest of the video production and simple slides..and also..the poster! *

Important!! We have to upload all of our works so that Dr and other tutors can know our group progression and they can give their ideas for the improvement of our video project.. 🙂 We have uploaded everything in our small fb’s group (full video, edited video, poster, etc), so that Dr and other tutors know our group’s progression. Our group’s work did receive a lot of comments (positive + negative) and we really appreciate it, even it also make us felt stress+tension+pressure… :( Y???? There’s “misunderstanding” or “conflicts” between Dr, tutors and our team members. What we understand from Kak Ana’a post in fb’s group are totally “wrong” from what she’s actually try to say to students. From her post, we understand that our video should be in 5 minutes, and our marks will be deducted for 50% if the video exceeds 5 minutes. At that time, we’re somehow, “What??????” *really really really stress + tension*. This is because our full video already exceeds 5 minutes, ( 7.++). BUT….after having a “discussion”, and Dr explained everything.. We felt guilty for the misunderstanding, and a big apology to Dr and tutors (Kak Ana and Mr Helmi). And we felt “lega” and quite happy after the explaination from Dr. 🙂

As for the poster… we also felt a little bit depressed, because we have to edit again (font used)…and the bad thing is we already have print it at Hentian Kajang..because we’re afraid that Dr might want to see it in the class.. :( Againnn…. *stress* It’s okay ladies! *chaiyok2!*

*everyone night*

We’re pretty sure everyone feel the same thing just like us, *stress+tension+pressure*..tired working hard on this, cutting, adding…and bla bla bla…for the video and poster.. As for our group, we have divided the task to each members. Aqilah, which is charge of our group blog and slides for the presentation, while Sya in charge of the poster as well as Yana and Nurul are in charge of the video. *preparation for the BIG DAY..wish us luck! *

*The real day*

We felt so nervous. After “mengundi” session… Tadaaaaa! It was our group become the first group presented our video. *nervous + gementar + my hand cold and sweat* ..We hope that we can give our best for the presentation, but…during presentation…..we didn’t do my best for the presentation.. :( * and also felt upset for the audio’s problem.. (too slow) *sigh*

Then…the video presentation continued with other groups. And……their videos were so great! Congratulation peeps! :)Haaaa..after the group presentation, we have to vote for them using the “alat untuk mengevote”..the scale given is 1-4 (not okay-excellent).. *feeling mengevote pulak XD..terasa macam mengevote artis pulak..Hihihi* :D

After the presentation..the day is preceeded by Dr comments about the video to  each groups. Alhamdulillah..positive comments. And as for us..just like what she said in fb’s group, we need to re-shoot the flashback scene as Zaki’s attire wasn’t suitable for his characters and the background not really authentic. :(  We want A for this subject, so…..lets improve our video ladies! Re-shoot again..try to find the suitable background and make sure that the characters’s attire are suitable.. Hehehe.. :)

*chaiyok2 ladies* the way.. actually this is not the real day of Edutechnovation Day! Hah?? But.. Alhamdulillah..we still can improve our video as Dr asked us to re-shooot again for the flashback scene.

cmment scene

*some positive comments*

Get ready for the real Edutechnovation next week.. (20 December 2013).. 😉

be patient

*..see you next week guyssss..* 😉

Putrajaya.. Here We Are.. ^^

Assalamualaikum.. Salam Sejahtera.. Holla peeps..! 🙂

Shooting for the last scene…which is “Flashback” scene. Actually, we have decided to choose one of the scene from P.Ramlee’s movie. However, we are given an advice to not choose any scenes from movie to prevent any problem (*just like what happened to our seniors before). So, we have decided to do the flashback scene by our own. At first, we wanna shoot that scene at Rumah Pantun UKM. But, there’s a problem there, then we have to change our plan, and go to Putrajaya.

So….here we are….to shoot our last scene.. 😉



1484199_182366675292575_1461959492_n      1426447_182366605292582_1393540918_n

*enjoy our shooting day* 😉

Haaaa… here we want to introduce our handsome and “daebak” actor..


*Mr. Zaki Osman* a.k.a “bapak”..hihihi*

So for the flashback scene…


Yana : student of Cikgu Ayu.. who wants to learn Jawi

Nurul : The stranger a.k.a “orang salleh” ..hihi

Syahira : Cikgu Ayu a.k.a Zaki’s daughter

Aqilah : Camerawoman.. 😉 Heeeeee..

Haaaaaa… Our acting!

1479345_627905773915595_1605826020_n (1)



Fuhh. Just wait for the full video.. Hihihi.. 😉

In shaa Allah.. we try to produce a good video to all, so that others will know and understand the message of our video.

Happy editing peeps! 🙂

Lets Make a Poster! XD

Assalamualaikum and Hello guys.

sya’s in the house. XD

Today’s class was so fun, we learned a new thing again today.
Mr Helmi taught us on how to make a poster of our video production using Adobe Photoshop Cs5
Well, of course, every film needs a poster in order to advertise to public of what the film is all about.
It is important because that is the first step we can do to attract people to watch our film.
Same goes for us, even though our “film” is just a short one and more to awareness video type but
we think that there’s nothing wrong if we make a poster, right?

So,in order to make a poster, Mr Helmi taught us a fews basic things such as
the picture or image chosen and the color, fonts and sizes used in the poster
must be suitable with our video theme.

If the video is an entertainment video, then it is okay to use a colorful and fancy fonts. Vice versa.

First of all, we learned to make a random poster in order to get used to the things in the Photoshop.
We learned a new thing again using Photoshop,
on how to embed our own picture in the poster without the picture background.
It was quite hard , yet fun to learn those things.

Let’s check it out. Our poster making process.

poster (hasil kerja)  yg pertama

poster (hasil kerja) yg pertama

IMG_9217 IMG_9222


and these are the pictures through out the EduTechno class. XD

IMG_9218 IMG_9219 IMG_9220 IMG_9221


So, stay tune for next week class.

#mood nervous.

We are going to present our final stage of video production.
Means not the RAW one but the COOK . #eh. hahaha COOK pun boleh.

Till then, take care. ❤

Presentation (Midterm) ^^

Assalamualaikum..Heyya peeps.. 🙂

So for this week..we have to present our progression of the video project. This presentation will be counted as our midterm test! Fuhh. Actually it should be presented last week. As me (Aqilah) was not able to attend the class (*not feeling well), so our group were given the opportunity to present it this week. 🙂 But…I wanna say sorry to my group. 😦

For the presentation, we have to prepare slides and show the progression of our video project (*but we don’t have to show all the scenes). For the slides, we explained the objectives of our video’s project, scenes in the video, some edited pictures, our expectation once video is finished and the ways to overcome the problem of our topic which is to preserve Jawi script.


  • To raise awareness among Malaysian about jawi, in which seems to be forgotten.
  • To highlight the importance of توليسن جاوي
  • To encourage people to use it especially malay, because توليسن جاوي is our heritage
  • To show to people that ignorance can leads to devastation. (Eg. Jawi script)
  • To preserve the privilege of jawi script as symbol of Malaysia heritage.
Scenes :
Nurul asking whether people know Jawi or not. Then, Sya, Qilah and Yana give their opinion.
Yana is frustrated (not being able to do her assignment)
Sya saw Yana doing her assignment .
Sya tell Yan that she can help her in doing her assigntment.
Next day, Sya, Yana & Qilah on their way back from class (going to cafe).
Talking about their bundle of assignments.
Sya said there differences with the olden days.
They talk about during the olden days and modern time.
The ending of the situation.
Expectations (once video is finished) :
•Our lecturer will feel satisfy with our group work.
•The audience could get something from this video
•The audience understands the message that we want to convey
•Hope that people will aware the importance of توليسن جاوي
Ways to overcome :
The stakeholder will take an action towards this matter :
~Parents teach and expose the children to Jawi script and uses in the early age.
~Ministry should play their role to make Jawi widely use.
~School administration and teacher should collaborate so students know Jawi script.
For our video, Mr Fuad gives comments about the introduction of Jawi script. We use the “Powtoon” application, and it was too fast, and he said that he can’t read the texts as it moves too fast. So, we will edit it again, and try to produce the video better.
*Wish us luck!*

Meeting Time.. ><

Assalamualaikum.. Holla peeps.. 😉

Again….meeting.. Hihihi..

So, for this meeting, we have discussed to make a preparation for the presentation day..which is midsem test.. For the test, we have to prepare slides and also the video..but not all scenes okay. 😉




…after half an hour.. 😉

1476922_180965715432671_1475057883_n      1458857_180965728766003_23591216_n